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It was a surprisingly thorough overview of Green Day as a whole until 2006 Because that s when it was written I d surely read an updated version by Marc Spitz if it came out Everybody alive should read this book Okay so some of the middle parts ot a bit boring and were a little bit too much on the factual side to interest some fans me but this was totally made up for in the final paragraphs which were purely about music Also the opening chapters about Billie Joe And Mike Joe and Mike childhoods were really well writtenThere were some really Funny Parts Of The parts of the too With the recent break down of lead singer Billy Joel Armstrong I thought I d Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World go back and just revisit this book for history sake The amazing thing about Green Day and the essence of their humble and poor beginnings is easily captured by author Marc Spitz This is a excellent flowing descriptive band that went from Gilman Street in Northern California toet signed signed and putting out Dookie to the break in pint of their careers with the 1994 Woodstock mudfightOne thing that I find some positive element about The Infinite Air green day is A They are excellent stage performers B They beat and overcame the sopho slump and when the media and fans thought they were has beens they became one of the biggest punk rock bands of all time when they released American Idiot This is the perfect The full story of the rise and spectacular comeback of the band hailed as the saviors of punk rock It's hard to believe that in early 2004 Green Day was considered over the band was still together but they were dismissed as a strictly '90s phenomenon incapable of re creating the success of theirroundbreaking album Dookie Then American Idiot debuted at #1 on the Billboard ,

Nobody Likes You: Inside the Turbulent Life, Times, and Music of Green DayEr major label albums not for a long damn time but I have but I ve never heard any of their Lookout era stuff So as with Fall Out Boy a few months ago time to start from the beginning YAHOO Great story on the reatest rock band on the planet As Armstrong sings You thought I was a write off you better think again My daughter had to read this for a class at school so I started reading it I ve been sucked in and now I want to listen to a lot of the songs mentioned so I can follow what was oing on the band is pretty interesting going on The band is pretty interesting the author oes off on tangents a lot and rambles about seemingly unconnected things There is also a Lot Of The Language That You Would of the language that you would from a punk rock band Overall interesting but not fabulous Hagiography at its absolute best I now officially love Billie Joe and Mike Dirnt even than I already did Marc Spitz however needs to et the fuck over the fact that Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? girls like rock and not just when it sounds poppy I dive this book five stars because I legit loved almost all of it but occasionally Spitz threw in extremely snide comments about irls coming along to Green Day shows to hang with boyfriends and liking the band for things like Good Riddance Time of Your Life Has He Ever Has he ever been to a Gilman show I want to believe he hasn t but he still made me feel othered in a way Green Day never has. And critical acclaim Foremost Nobody Likes You is a story of friendship and the transporting power of playing very loud music It is the story of how high school dropout Billie Joe Armstrong came to write song lyrics that inflamed the political conscience of fans in a way that two Yale raduates couldn't Green Days story from rise to fall to rise again has never been fully to.

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Day read biography and it really ives you a sense of what Billy Joel is all about Yes he may be a crazed drug fueled lunatic sense of what Billy Joel is all about Yes he may be a crazed drug fueled lunatic times but he is also a dedicated father and husband and one creative songwriter Check this out if you still think this band is cool Interesting biography about Green Day the band Starts off when Billie Joe lead singer is a young boy then he meets Mike in Jr High Lots of interesting detail about the underground punk scene and how uickly they rose to fame after releasing Dookie I wasn t Too Familiar With The Other familiar with the other bands referenced in the book so I was a bit lost at times Read it bc it was on the Recent Adult Non Fiction shelf when I went in to pick up books on hold one day Glad I didn t buy it Would be a reat book for serious Green Day fans but I could take it or leave it Best biography i have ever read My boyfriend ave me this book because he knows I m a fan of Green Day So from a fan s perspective this book is excellent It covers their e 35 because I Love This BandIf This love this bandIf this a book about anyone or anything else it probably would ve otten 2 stars instead because the author pissed me off He came off as really condescending and misogynistic and I m not here for that Gonna o find a better Green Day book In the meantime onna acuaint myself with their musical backlog I ve listened to their old. Harts stayed on the charts for nearly 18 months and went on to sell than four million records and to win the Grammy for Record of the Year for Boulevard of Broken Dreams Combining uniue access to Green Day with a seasoned journalists nose for a Hello Bravo ! - Activity Book great story Marc Spitzives the complete account of the band from their earliest days to their most recent explosion of popularity.