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Kent Anderson s Sympathy for the Devil which was published in 1987 emains I think one of the best if not the best of the novels to come out of the Vietnam War It was a searing account of the war as seen through the eyes of one *soldier a young man named Hanson who very closely esembles the authorAnderson s second novel Night Dogs appeared in 1996 and *a young man named Hanson who very closely esembles the authorAnderson s second novel Night Dogs appeared in 1996 and Healing Herbs Spices ranks among the best police procedurals I ve everead The book is set in the middle Seventies shortly after the end of the war The protgonist is again Hanson now home from Vietnam and working as a patrol officer for the Portland Oregon Police BureauHanson has survived the war physically at least but it haunts his every moment and he now finds himself in the middle of a new war which is just as hard to decipher as the old one Hanson is assigned to Portland s North Precinct the ghetto and the worst precinct in the city The commanding officers are all men who screwed up in other areas of the department and who were exiled to the North Precinct The patrol officers are mostly cowboys looking for the ush that the action in the precinct provides #on a daily basisThe book has only the loosest of plots One of the principal threads involves one #a daily basisThe book has only the loosest of plots One of the principal threads involves one Hanson s closest friends from the war who has come to Portland and become a drug dealer and a killer Rather than arresting him though Hanson attempts to help him given that they bonded while in the Special Forces together and given that he emains the only man Hanson eally trusts The other thread involves one of Hanson s fellow officers in the precinct a guy named Fox who hates Hanson and spends most of the book attempting to undermine Hanson s career For the most part though the novel is a chronicle of the daily interaction between the police and the criminals mostly small time who inhabit the North Precinct It s a daily battle and an endless evolving door with the cops confronting the same scumbags day in and day out without making any progress at all in the war on crime Justice is a very elusive concept here in a world where the cops dispense what is largely their own brand of very Binary Sound (Boston, rough justiceAt one point Hanson confronts a guy who s giving him grief and shoots him The Look which was full of knees and elbows and night sticks car hoods and concrete broken noses broken collarbones and concussionsIt s not a pretty sight and this is not a book for the sueamisheader Beautifully written it s tough gritty and ugly but it has the Hidden (Otherworld Stories, ring of authenticity much so than virtually any other crime novel I ve everead Anderson himself worked as a patrol cop in Portland in the Seventies and one would imagine that like his first book this one is based very closely on his experiences there It s a great novel and one that you won t forget soon 45 stars I first wrote a Led Astray review of this novel over thirteen years ago on com I was a brand new police officer I had problems with the book Didn t like the protaganist or the portrayal of police work But then what did I know about police work Well that answer is simple nothing Skip ahead to the present Iecently Pieces of a puzzle reead it out of curiosity I discovered that this book is truthful than I ealized Though he was only a cop for a few years I believe it was three years in the early
seventies anderson manages 
Anderson manages capture the essence or truth that s an overused wordof police work I haven t been involved with any uestionable shootings and I don t carry a throw away piece but the changes that a person goes through after a few years are accurate The anger the sense of isolation and disgust that one comes to feel towards the citizenry are dead on It s a constant fight to not let the cynicism destroy one s sense of purpose Not trying to be melodramatic it s a factA cop gets to wade chest deep into the ugliest parts of our society A cop isn t loved like a firefighter It. Former police officer Kent Anderson author of the memorable Vietnam War novel Sympathy for the Devil eturns with a powerful new novel about a Vietnam vet cop who still carries the war inside himself Searing and brutally honest Night Dogs plunges us into the free fire zones of our cities where the legendary thin blue line is breaking downThe North Precinct of Portland Oregon is home to two kinds of cops sergeants and lieutenants who've screwed up somewhere else and patrolmen who thrive on the action on the Avenue Officer Hanson is the second kind a vete. .
S inevitable and we all tell ourselves that we don t care but there are times that it sets our teeth on edge Nobody well almost nobody likes or isn t bothered by hatred or disdain The anger that comes from this situation is made even greater when the people who are so vocal in their criticism of cops are usually the first to dial 911 when something bad is going on Hypocrisy at it s finestThis and other things will affect a cop and how he approaches thingsThis book shows that and The novel is set in the early seventies but beside the "clothes technology and popular slang nothing has changed "technology and popular slang nothing has changed a grim job and Anderson captures it It s also a job that I won t ever uit
even during the 
during the of days Anderson doesn t see it that way but nevertheless it s an accurate book No it isn t thrilling and it isn t an action story It s a drama and there are weak points with the narrative Anderson later became a professor of EnglishLiterature at Boise State University my Alma mater Class 1990 and there are times when the book is too literary Despite this Local Online Marketing read it and you ll have a better idea of what cops experience and feel Oh a footnote here if I may This is a novel and takes place forty years ago Much that Hanson does and says would in 2013 either get a cop written up disciplined fired andor prosecuted despite what many of the so called protestors would have you believe There are still cops doing bad things but the system isn t as tolerant of those activities as it used to be One may choose not to believe me but I know what I m talking about Night Dogs is a novel not a documentary Yet another footnote Even now in 2015 I stand by my last paragraph Times have changed Night Dogs is a crime novel written over 20 years ago set in a period 20 years before that yet it doesn teally seem dated Yes lots of forensic advances have taken place over the last 40 years that shape how police work is now performed but the personalities and uirks of the law enforcement personnel criminals and everyday working folks are what Les grands vaincus de l'histoire really drive the action There are many uniue aspects of Kent Anderson s 2nd book in his series that make it such a great one The main character Hanson is a guy who doesn t undergo a typical character development seuence in the novel You learn who he is by what he does what he s thinking about before after and during what he s doing and though a few flashbacks to his previous life as a Special Forces soldier during the war in Vietnam The book is almost entirely episodic and follows Hanson in hisole as a cop in the Portland ghetto after his eturn from the war He has a tough beat and a great partner One theme involves a detective on the force who doesn t like Hanson and is trying to his best to get him out of the Department Although this is a book without a traditional plot that s one thread that follows through to the endThe 70s were definitely a different era No DNA no video no social media lots of paper paperwork fewer lawyers lots of drugs and guns on the streets maybe not so different Street justice is dispensed when the police think it s appropriate based on a lack of confidence in the legal system *Hanson S Character Is A Truly Complex *s character is a truly complex He s a badass as all Special Forces guys were yet he doesn t push that side of himself to the front at all and tends to downplay his war experiences Getting inside his mind as he and his partner are making insignificant as well as life and death decisions at times in the course of their daily outine is a Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing real trip Theye balancing paperwork Sound and Fury (Drake Chronicles, reuirements overtimeestrictions precinct boundaries past experiences with the folks they Ecommerce Society re dealing with compassion for the ghetto population vs disgust at some of its inhabitants it s a truly fascinating insight into how cops or at least one cop at that point in time think Hanson has lots of problems an. Ran who has traded his Bronze Star for a badge War is what Hanson knows and in this battle for Portland's meanest streets he's fighting not so much for the law as for his own code of justiceHanson is a man who seems to fear nothing except his own memories  And it is his past that could destroy him now  An enemy in the department is determined to bring him down by digging into his warecord and esurrecting the darkest agonies of that nightmare time  And Hanson himself isks everything his career his euilibrium even his life when the only other su. D Night Dogs succeeds in not only exposing them BUT ALSO SHOWING HOW *THEY VE SHAPED AND WILL also showing how *they ve shaped and will to affect who he has become He *ve shaped and will continue to affect who he has become He definitely a flawed cop but a very human oneAnderson s writing is very sharp and his dialogue is excellent As you might expect there s a significant amount of violence and action as well a some sex involved Night Dogs is a bit long but it moves uickly with each elatively short chapter The Soul of the Matter representing another day in the life Much of Hanson s character is determined by his war years which I understand are covered in the initial book in this series Can t wait to get to it This is so far afield from what I generallyead that I have little to compare it with I don t Queenie read cop lit ever This wasecommended to me by someone a long time ago and so I picked it up on bookmoochcom and put it on the shelf I have no idea why I threw it in my bag for a long flight When flying I generally opt for things so light they float Wow This is not your average police procedural It is gritty and Stolen Hearts raw and so painfully honest Really it is abouteintegrating into American life after Vietnam or maybe not 101 Ways To Get More Customers From The Internet (Online Marketing Guides from Exposure Ninja Book 3) reintegrating than about police It is aboutacism and alpha male BS it is about unimaginable lonliness even in a oomful of people and taking control of the wrong things just so you have control of something By book s end the way I look at the world had been altered It brought to mind one of my very favorite late 20th century books The Things they Carried though it is very different other than the Vietnam theme I ecommend this unreservedly but it is not for those moments you are looking for something comforting or something with a true sense of Amazon Affiliate -The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on Amazon resolution Kent Anderson s Night Dogs has popped up in my Goodreadsecommendations a few times and was also on a list of the ten best novels about Portland that my elder son sent to me However I think I may have previously Online Marketing for Authors read this novel some 20 years ago when it was first published mainly because it combines the two main topics that I used toead about and still do the Vietnam War and American police officers Hanson our main protagonist is an ex Green Beret and Vietnam veteran who is now a Police Officer in 1970 s Portland He is a patrol officer who works the notorious North Division of Portland along with his partner Dana The novel comprises of many stories and anecdotes of the type of crimes and incidents and people that Hanson has to deal with on a daily basis A lot of these people are not criminals but are victims of the society in which they live and they are alcoholics drug addicts other Vietnam veterans and the mentally ill The novel also plots the deterioration of Hanson s mental state while he deals with these people and also fights with his own demons He is a violent man and a lot of the situations he deals with can be Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Prep Guide for Adwords Certification resolved by using violence but he also has to keep himself in check while around normal civilians as he sometimes has an urge to lash out at these people too However at other times on the other hand Hanson is also capable of showing great empathy and compassion towards some of the damaged individuals that he has to deal withAs with all Police procedural type novels it deals with theelationships both good and bad between the various officers and has some great dialogue and there is also a lot of humour albeit very dark present throughout the novelKent Anderson himself was a Green Beret during the Vietnam War and was also a Portland Police Officer and possibly the novel is part autobiographical or at the very least he has delved into his own experiences which makes the book all the Spot 50 Butterflies Moths realistic and credibleHanson is also the main protagonist in Kent Anderson s Vietnam War novel Sympathy for the Devil which I also think I may haveead but egardless I m going to ead it again once I manage to get a copy. Rvivor of his Special Forces unit comes back into his life Doc Dawson is a drug dealer and a killerbut he's the one man Hanson can trustNight Dogs is an extraordinary work from a powerful and authentic voice in American fiction Recoiling from the violence that Hanson deals with every day the violence that is in Hanson Magento Search Engine Optimization readers will also understand the compassion that drives him  A novelemarkable for its WordPress To Go razor sharp characterizations and dialogue its freshness of observation Night Dogs and Hanson willemain etched in the memory for a long time to com. .

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