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Dirty Work high standard of writing thatas been achieved "Firstly For The Reader It "for the reader it a captivating opening Then because the characters are written so realistically and contained within a plot that cleverly develops it makes you feel as if you are inside the story alongside the main character Sammy This story takes you on an emotionally charged journey where you are powerless other than to empathize I Hearts Farthings hope there is to come from J Cassidy Sammy is a young woman whoas been through a lot in er life and although she doesn t uite like er way of life now she doesn t know Little Darlings how to change it She struggles to find the answers she is looking for but sometimes what is right there in front you is the best solution Will she realise the obvious before it s too lateI will not say anything else not wanting to spoil it for you but this is no ordinary romance The characters are absolutely realistic and their interractions are so lifelike youonestly think they are people you know This is a book worth reading and I am sure you will all enjoy itNote to the readers Keep a box of tissues nearby just in case This is an excellent readI was doubtful Greenwich how this was going to move forward after a very raunchy beginning but I was very pleasantly surprised as it opened into a very dark and deep read The locality of the storyas been very well researched by the author as it is written about with confidence and a sure knowledge of where things are which adds depth and elps draw the reader into the events giving the feeling that we are there as things unfold Added to this the characters are superbly rounded and completely realistic in their every day living situations and ow they react to various situations The ending Your Name Here however wasn t anticipated and left me reeling it was so unexpected I definitely recommend this book to anyone 18 as a must read A good read The sort of book that makes you thankful youad good parents if you did J Cassidy Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, has a way of drawing you in to feel for the characters and all the reasons why their lives run like they do Difficult to say too much without giving the plot away When I started reading it I was appalled Usually when I come upon a dirty sex scene on the first few pages of a new book I ll yawn and go read something else I can t say what compelled me to read on All I know is that I ended up reading the entire book in one go until 2 am and never regretted it It s almost unbearably realistic to the point where you start to wonderow much of it is a true story It s True haunting and will stay with you for a long tim. Hips can be fleeting family can’t be chosen and the choices she makes will stay wither until the day she di. ,

When we first meet Sammy we think she s A Fairly Honourable Defeat hit rock bottom That s only just the start Aighly intelligent under achiever a life full of promise Fucking Trans Women has ended up on a self destructive autopilot of casual sex and poor decisions Sheas a tight knit friendship group that seems to barely keep Slavery Reborn her on the rails but as that friendship group fragments so doeser behaviourThe most positive influence in Sammy s life seems to be Kev an old school friend who lives in the same building as You Can Make Anything Sad her Theyave a just friends open relationship and we constantly root for Sammy to sort Life Leverage her emotional baggage out and see the potential answer toer problems is right under Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? her noseThe problem though is that baggage may be unresolvable The Obvious is aeart rending "And Compelling Short Novel With Believable And "compelling short novel with believable and characters Although Sammy makes poor choice after poor choice it s never frustrating because Alhambra her personality is so well realised This also makes the tragic parts of the storyit that much arder and boy do they it Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World hardJ Cassidy s style is lean andighly readable The dialogue is spot on and it s remarkable ow natural is sounds despite a lot of exposition "taking place while people are talking The story is full of surprising twists that make "place while people are talking The story is full of surprising twists that make sense in retrospect and make you want to re read the novel as soon as you ve finishedI can t wait to read J Cassidy s next work Not so obvious reality check which keeps you reading while your eart is breaking as you realise your life is about the choices you make One of the things that indie authors keep surprising me with is ow they work in the romance genre A genre that is typically been rather stale in its methods of presentation seems to be getting a major overhaul almost completely through the work of the indie authors of todayAlthough The Obvious ardly should be pigeonholed into such a limited genre that s Pandoras Planet how it was described to me when I initially picked it up Modern Shakespearean tragedy would probably be a better fitThis thing is fantastic It s depressing it sonest it s frightening and it causes a little bit of self reflection even for male readers like me who are uite far removed from the protagonist of this novel I really don t even know who to talk about this thing without doing it a disservice as it s really just an amazing look into the life of someone who just can t uite seem to get it all together who Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? has so much baggage so much I don t even know just so much unhappiness that justangs around How To Win At Casino Gambling her like a cloudThis is not a story with aappy ending this is not a story for those who are looking for a light easy read this is a story about a girl and
"her messed up "
messed up Training the Help (Hedon Falls how she doesn t do anything towards making it any betterAnd it s one of the best written things I ve ever readyes that s slightlyyperbolic but the writing on this thing is solid and makes you wish that it doesn t end the way it obviously needs to endIf you re not opposed to a little graphic sex in your reading I d suggest picking it up for this weekend s read This novel is chock full of F bombs and sex An alcoholic father When Not to Build her mother missing since she was a child all Sammyas are er friends When their deceit st. Ith a constant undercurrent of violence and I loved every wordOn the pages without a sex act or a reference to one you ll find a twenty year old girl Sammy who is thinking or talking or being asked about sex Yet this is in no way an erotic novel Sammy uses sex Sometimes as a weapon but often as a shield to insulate er from the internal damage of an "Abusive Childhood Suffered At The Hands Of Her Alcoholic Father "childhood suffered at the Hello Bravo ! - Activity Book hands ofer alcoholic father raised An Eye for an Eye her alone afterer mother walked out on a four year old SammyMost of the swearing from Sammy is collouial intended not to insult but to reinforce the tough shell she Still Side by Side has built arounderself Only Oriori No Uta her close friends are ever allowed to peek inside Sammy s emotional bubble and even then it is only a peekSammy is a broken person She doesn t smile she turns up the edges ofer mouth This story is a snapshot taken over a short period of Four Word Film Reviews her life It s sad poignant and wholly believableThe writing is sharp and fits the mood of the piece There is a lot of collouial spelling in the dialogue but it works well without getting tiring The novel is set in England in a blue collar environment but I believe American readers can soon catch the conversational rhythmIf youave no problem with sex and swearing and unvarnished real life drama and you are yearning for something different to read You should check out this uniue storyDisclaimer This review was originally written for Books and Pals book blog I may Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes have received a free review copy This short well written book is categorized as Romance but it flies in the face of every romance novel expectation and trope It s a cautionary tale a gritty story of wasted potential in which nothing goodappens to anyone and no one can do anything about it Don t read it in the winterSammy barely twenty years old Crystal Decoder has been oner own for two years on the dole and out of work no matter You Owe Me One how many applications she fills out Abandoned byer mother at an early age she was nevertheless a gifted student but dropped out in order to escape from Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes her abusive father Without paying worker life is restricted to job Second Son (Jack Reacher, huntinganging out with United States of Americana her neighbor Kev and going to pubs with three friends fromer schooldays She compulsively The Thermals of August hooks up with strangers and is regularly disappointed in their performance The sex scenes with these guys are well written and explicit but not arousing a good trick Sammy alsoas a sweet friends with benefits arrangement with Kev Tellingly those sex scenes are never described What s obvious is that "THIS RELATIONSHIP IS THE ONLY GOOD THING IN HER "relationship is the only good thing in Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller her but it might not be enoughI can t say I enjoyed The Obvious It is relentlessly grim as it details the downward spiraling life of an abuse survivor who doesn tave the necessary resources to thrive Occasional flashbacks reveal key moments in Sammy s past without explaining every detail just enough to The Perfect Child hint at what she went throughow she coped who failed Lost Horizon her and why she s where she is now Opportunities for aappier life are rejected or snatched away and I appreciate that the author didn t give in to the impulse to make everything. Arts to tear into their group Sammy must decide whether doing the right thing is worth losing everythingFriends. .
The Obvious