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Shed 2006Length 351 pages 4428 locationsSetting Scotland 1480 Lowlands and HighlandsSex explicit reasonably freuent First complete time post handfastHeroine Abused from around the age of 10 by guardiansEvil Cousins physically emotionally economically They were prepared to marry her to a known rapistabuser for their own moneysecuritySeries Book 13 of Howell s Murray series Book 3 of Cameron family sub series although sister Isla had he Entertaining story with at times amusing ialogue although not The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy dreadfullyeep The hero is a caricature of brawny warrior who has almost superhuman abilities to efeat the endless stream of assassins sent hero is a caricature of brawny warrior who has almost superhuman abilities to efeat the endless stream of assassins sent way in cartoonish fighting scenes without his kilt going askew Well except for the one time when he nearly Apro dnatoire died fighting ten or so opponents because the eight sent the previous attackid not o much than mess up his locks The heroine is a wee bit muddled about a lot of things which to be fair is partly ue to being brought up by crazed and abusive relatives However it still got a bit tedious with her swinging like pendulum for and against the hero and switching personalities like undies I o like the uncle Angus who is a consistent and warm character All in all it was enjoyable without being engrossingThank you to NetGalley for providing me the opportunity to review this although my opinion is my own This book pleased me very much Even though Artan is the only one in the series to marry an actual cousin istant or not and not THAT istant by the way they match each other well Cecily is kind of irritating at times but I love her fire and unladylike tendencies Artan has been a favorite character in the series and I was excited to finally get to his THIS story fit his character very well Unlike The One With His the one with his He kept his usual arrogance and wildness as well as his sarcasm and even showed his serious side when needed Courting the girl away from her betrothed and then kidnap her is exactly the type of thing artan murray would the type of thing Artan Murray would The lov 3 starsThe hero Artan is one of the second generation Murrays and the heroine Cecily is the niece of his Highlander foster father a istant relation Artan is also a twin For some reason my last few books have all featured twins Cecily is a bit of a Cinderella living in the keep inherited from her lowlander father with her cousinsguardians who treated her cruelly Artan was asked by his foster father to bring Cecily to him and Maths Made Easy Times Tables Ages 5-7 Key Stage 1 dangling his lairdship as a lure if he marries Cecily But when Artan finds her in the midst of preparing for her wedding to an English knight he charms and then kidnaps her back to the highlands with the Englishman in high pursuitI found both Artan and Cecily s characters a bit wishy washy It s enough of an entertaining tale but I got to say they could have routed the villain a lot sooner rather thanragging it out view spoiler Also the whole bit about Cecily s turnaround after Artan s coma just seem unnecessary hide spoiler A good read Could have ended a whole lot uicker and with less Never Say Never drama Artan had two opportunities to kill the bad guy andidn t so everyone was in preilous Fetish Affaire danger at the end Artan was hot and had a great sense of humor Cecily was ok very niave at times The bad guys were bad but it seemed to settle fast without explanation at the endGood read but not greatReceived an ARC from the publisher through NetGalle. Also yields unforgettable pleasure Cecily Donaldson knows a bond forged byanger and Lives of Notorious Cooks desperation cannot endure But Artan's touch leaves her breathless and she knows this to be her one chance to experience true passion before an arranged marriage seals her fate Yet once begun passion cannot beeniednor can a love with the promise to change everythi. Highland Barbarian

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If you enjoy Highlander historical romances and Cinderella like tales you may want to check out Highland Barbarian Each book in the Murray Family series follows the love life of a ifferent Murray family member and can be read in any order While this storyline is generally predictable its feel good message that love can be found in unexpected places even for individuals who have previously been made to feel less than perfect makes it a charming taleFollowing the eath of her father Cecily Donaldson is raised in the Lowlands of Scotland by istant cousins who care for her inheritance than her well being Perpetually scheming to find a way to steal her fortune which they make her believe has been left to them she is brought up as a second class citizen forced to work with the servants and beaten and verbally abused on a routine basis Finally when Cecily comes of age and the opportunity presents itself they broker a eal with an eually corrupt suitor to obtain part of her owry in exchange for their consent to *her marriageBelieving that her closest kin an uncle who is the Laird of Glascreag is apathetic to her Cecily is *marriageBelieving that her closest kin an uncle who is the Laird of Glascreag is apathetic to her Cecily is of his numerous attempts to contact her or the many gifts he has sent over the years Now that he is getting on in years and still without a son the Laird of Glascreag ecides to send his protege Artan Murray to find Cecily offering to name him his heir if he marries Cecily Despite this incredibly generous offer Artan informs the Laird of Glascreag that he will find Cecily and bring her back but will only marry her if he feels an attraction to herFor the complete review see AudioGals at I received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving a reviewArtan is summoned to what seems to be the T-Force deathbed of his foster father Angus Angus has asked Artan to go and retrieve his niece Cecily from her father s cousins who took over her guardianship after hiseath Angus also tells Artan if he marries Cecily all Angus has will be left to he and his bride upon his Wilder Girls deathArtan is upset because not only is she living in the lowlands of Scotland he wants a marriage forged from love like his parents have He agrees to go and get her but leaves the marriage openCecily has been raised by her father s family since hiseath She can never please her guardian s and her cousin by marriage is especially rough on her They are once again in the process of trying to marry her off and when Artan arrives he comes upon the beginning of pre marriage celebrationsEveryone is horrified to see this highlander barbarian and Cecily is actually enjoying their horror especially when Artan refuses to leave He sees now that she is not just a meek woman but has some fire in her spirit When they finally have a chance to talk alone he realizes something is afoot when Cecily never received letter and gifts from her Uncle and her Uncle never received Cecily s letters Over the next few ays he overhears conversations that convince him he must get Cecily away from hereif she is to remain aliveeven if he has to kidnap herI have read many of this authors stories and to remain aliveeven if he has to kidnap herI have read many of this authors stories and one id not Strange Weather disappoint Both of these characters are full of spirit and fire and are good and just people They need to survive attacks from the enemy and learning that most of what Cecily thought about her life previously was a lie She has to learn to trust againHer guardian s and Angu. New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell returns to the Highlands of Scotland for a sensual new series about two twin brothers both tempted and tormented by their passions andriven by the love that will shape their Its Only a Game destinies Sir Artan Murray was right when heecided that the The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert dying old man who bid him collect his nieceidn't know her at al. S were the total opposite Angus was kind of gruff but always spoke his mind while her guardians were espicable Angus was a tough guy with a heart of gold I liked Cecily s old nurse also she knew Cecily may not believe her but she stayed to protect herThis is efinitely a good reads for Highlander fans Her books are supernatural in nature and of course are set within the reads for Highlander fans Her books are supernatural in nature and of course are set within the setting Ranges *from Vamps to immorals Her femal chars tend to be sassy and *Vamps to immorals Her femal chars tend to be sassy and What can I say except romance novels are my very favorite type of book to read I like romance novels placed in the highlands it sounds like a very fascinating place I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC provided to me by NetGalley and the publisherI read this book years ago and I loved it then I can t say if there were any revisions to this re released version but I loved it just as much as the first time I read itCecily is an orphan living as a poor relation on her late father s estate She has spent the last 12 years believing that she is a burden to her guardians and has been forgotten by her mother s family In an attempt to please her guardians she has agreed to marry a man of their choosingSir Artan Murray has been summoned to the bedside of Laird Angus MacReith Angus wants Artan to travel to his late sister s estate and bring his niece back to him He offers to make Artan his heir if he will marry the lass As the second born son this "Is A Dream Come "a Before Watchmen (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, dream come for Artan but he will not agree to marry without meeting Cecily first andeciding if they will suitArtan arrives at Dunburn just as Cecily is preparing to marry Sir Fergus Ogilvey When she sees Artan for the first time she is captivated Artan is just as taken with her He tells her he has been sent to fetch her for her uncle She has committed to marry and tells Artan that she must think about this before she agrees to go with himAs Artan waits for Cecily to Ownership and Possession decide he learns a lot of secrets Including why Angus has not heard from the lass in 12 years He alsoecides that he wants to marry Cecily not for the promises that Angus made him but because he wants herWhen Artan overhears the extent of the betrayal of Cecily s guardians and the The Harvest Murder danger she faces heecides to kidnap her for her own goodOnce Artan takes Cecily away and explains the Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) deceit that she has lived with for years she agrees to meet with Angus She is not uite sure she believes the tale Artan has told her but sheecides to trust him anyway When she learns that her betrothed is in on the The Pool By the Whispering Trees (Tim and the Hidden People Book C1) deceit against her she claims to be married to Artan and he confirms this They travel to Angus holding and make plans to wed in church but when Cecily learns what was promised to Artan if he married her she is heartbroken Artanoesn t know how to make things right between them and trouble is not far behind as Sir Fergus is not willing to let his rich prize goThese two have a rough road to their HEA The book is well written steamy funny exciting and suspenseful Artan is a wonderful hero and Cecily is a heroine worth rooting forI loved this book and would be happy to recommend it to anyone A sheltered lass who has been convinced that she is worthkess gets to come to this beautiful spot in the moonlight and have the handsomest mon she has e er seen not only make love to her but steal her away because she is in Magic in the North danger p332 loc4224Author Hannah HowellFirst publi. L The furious woman facing him is neither sweet nor biddable Sheemands the brawny Highlander return her to the wedding party from which he took her But Artan has no intention of allowing so spirited and bewitching a creature to endure a loveless marriage to a ruthless lord for her clan's sake He aims to woo the lass and to show her that true love.