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Strings author Darren GallagherStrings is a very addicting collection of 33 dark short stories I had a difficult time reading just one I was stealing moments through out the day to read Daren has a very straight forward writing style He lays out the settings and the characters in great detail and many times the nding is unexpected Each story was very different than the one before it There are so many topics ranging from monsters werewolves ghosts insects and The stories were to the point and fast paced The Wishing Well seemed like an average Story About A Couple But about a couple but The Vanishing Hours ending chilled me to the bone The renovation was my favorite story It was the type of story that made the hair on the back of my next stands up but without any type of ghost or outlandish monster A bag full of ashes has changed the way I look at Christmas trees These were just some of my favorites They were vivid well written stories that were completely terrifying Strings by Darren Gallagher is a collection of 33 mostly scary short stories spanning differentras worlds themes and places The stories ncompass a variety of topics ranging from vampires and werewolves to swarms of spiders to newly made up creatures to cowbo 33 fun and Creepy Stories Was A stories Was a refreshing read just what I needed Great imagination in ach story and a few left My skin crawling I really njoyed Strings it consisted of 33 short stories covering a wide range of topics I was in THE WORST slump before I started this collection and I wasn t sure if I d be able to shake it this book definitely helped me out The stories were short but they packed a serious punchEvery story in this collection was super fun and fast paced 33 dark tales; the invisible bindings that tie us all together Within this

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Dn t let you do it Strings is my first book by Darren Gallagher and it certainly won t be the last 33 short stories just didn t seem like noughRuby Red Slippers was a killer of an Opening A Supernatural Story Of How We A supernatural story of how we all connected and how The Making of Goldeneye evil tries to tap into that connectionA Hiker s Life had me yelling at the book trying to come to the rescue Well wasn t I fooledKumari is a tale that has been told many times in different ways What I take from stories like these is don t underestimate a child and always have faith in their abilitiesA Walk To Remember most of us at some point in our lives would jump at the idea of being able to meet a fairy Throw in a dog and you have a five star storyThere s Only One Good Thing About Halloween The Pies I was superxcited to read this story being the season and it was the best Halloween story I ve read in a long time Yes it was predictable but so much funChristmas Trees Are More Than Just An Object a normal family outing to pick the year s Christmas tree but there are so many to choose from The tree of choice has left me with so many uestions my head is still reelingA Secret Revealed At The End perfect choice for the last story Such a beautiful and well written taleSuch an Women of the Otherworld Series Collection (Women of the Otherworld, exciting bunch of stories and all uniue in there own way be it supernatural vampires werewolves faries monsters ghostsach story had me Scooby-Doo! and the Farmyard Fright enraptured andxcited to see where it would leadI read this book in a readalong with a great group of girls and was lucky nough to have won the book in a giveaway by Darren Gallagher This has not swayed my reviewI highly recommend this book to lovers of short stories and dark fiction. Family funerals Beware the supernatural Beware the weather Beware the string. Had a really hard time reading just one and putting the book down If you re in the mood for creepy insects vampires werewolves fairies or ghosts plus much you will love this collection Gallagher has such an incredible imagination and he takes you on a wild rideThere were a couple stories that I wish were maybe a tad longer and didn t nd so abruptly but that s My Only CritiueThese Stories Have The Perfect Amount Of Creep only critiueThese stories have the perfect amount of creep Some had my hair standing up on Star Wars end and my skin crawling I was captivated byach story and I didn t want to put it down I will definitely be reading of Gallagher s work wonderful collection of 33 short stories horror is not my favorite genre but reading this book acctually made horror of a interest for me to read this is a must read for all horror fans and veryone This was a great collection of short stories Every story packed a punch All stories were short and jam packed fast paced stories Favourites were renovation till death do us part Christmas trees are than just an object and many Highly recommend this book I liked the stories very much Some weren t that scary but got me hooked and I needed to know and still doso much like I weren t that scary but got me hooked and I needed to know and still doso much like I there should be a next chapterAll the stories were so different and I think that veryone will find something they will like This collection of 33 stories was one hell of a fun ride If you re in a reading slump and need something to spark up the pleasure of reading look no further Fast and fun I think the longest story is ten pages They are short but pack a punch I m looking forward to from this author If it was against the rules to give your own book 5 stars they woul. Ook you will find terrifying tales from catastrophic celebrations to freaky.

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