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cast of that left me dying from feels I mean seriously Jude is a glorious lead a shrewd and determined survivor with exactly the ind of cunning that I love YES And then there are her sisters Cardan The princes of Faerie Her COMPLEX FAMILY AS ALWAYS HOLLY S LANGUAGE IS AS family As always Holly s language is as as it is beautiful and I freuently found myself pausing to reread turns of phrases because each could pack so much into so few wordsAND THAT ENDING OMFGMy review is not doing the book justice Read this immediately You ll be so grateful that you did No matter how careful I am eventually I ll make another misstep I am weak I am fragile I am mortalI hate that most of all 4 12 stars Over the course of this year I ve read both books that I ve liked and books I ve disliked I ve read books that I ve loved and it s fair to say books that are better written uniue and groundbreaking than this book That being said however I am struggling to recall a book that has left me this excited about a YA series in a very long time It seems like forever since I read a completely juicy YA fantasy with just the right amount of drama action surprises nastiness and the tiniest hints at romantic possibility The wait for the next book is going to be tortureHolly Black Hedge Fund - tome 4 - L'hritire aux vingt milliards knows her audience so well She s notind to us because she Here Comes The Sissy Bride (My Sissy Husband Confesses, knows we don t really want that anyway So of course The Cruel Prince opens with a brutal murder that leaves Jude her twin sister Taryn and their older sister Vivienne at the mercy of the redcap general Madoc Jump to ten years later and the three sisters are all living in Faerie They ve been raised as Madoc s own or less and each is trying to find her own place among the beautiful but cruel deceitful but always honest feyFor Vivi return to the human world is the answer For Taryn assimilation and playing by the rules is the only way For our narrator Jude rebellion bloodshed and winning her place in the King s council is what she desires Nicasia s wrong about me I do not desire to do as well in the tournament as one of the fey I want to win I do not yearn to be their eualIn my heart I yearn to best them It is extremely compelling Even before the real dramaicks off in the later chapters I was so wholly pulled into Jude s world The bullying she endures at the hands of her fey classmates adds a heavy dose of unfairness to eep you pissed enough to turn the pages Then we get to the spying secrets betrayals side switching and oh wow can I just have the next book pleaseIn truth not a SINGLE CHARACTER IS ENTIRELY LIKEABLE ALL ARE COMPLEX THAN character is entirely likeable All are complex than little flawed and nobody can be trusted Even Jude It s really uite wonderful Cardan the cruel prince from the title is an asshole A drunken bullying selfish asshole And yet and yet We shall seeIn case it wasn t obvious I loved it All the drama is absolutely delicious and while Black does draw on some familiar tropes the world characters and politics feel fresh in her hands It charges to a climax full of surprises and the ending doesn t disappoint Nicely wrapped up but with enough to leave me desperate for the next instalment I can t wait Nice things don t happen in storybooks Taryn says Or when they do happen something bad happens next Because otherwise the story would be boring and no one would read it Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Win a place at the Court she must defy him–and face the conseuencesAs Jude becomes deeply embroiled in palace intrigues and deceptions she discovers her own capacity for trickery and bloodshed But as betrayal threatens to drown the Courts of Faerie in violence Jude will need to risk her life in a dangerous alliance to save her sisters and Faerie itsel. Not a day goes by without thinking how freaking annoying Jude was in this book Sorry folks I don t get it25 MaybeUnmemorable Another YA fantasy with fairies and humans clich s and cringe romance similar to all the other fantasydystopian books that have been coming out I don t understand the hype because there was nothing I found good in here There wasn t anything horrible either which leaves me with a meh review Won t continue the series Don t recommend it If I cannot be better than them I will become so much worse Jude and her twin Taryn are human but their older sister Vivi belonged to another world Their mother fled when she was pregnant with Vivi and escaped to the human world Their mother gave birth to the half Fairy Vivi Married And Soon Had Jude Vivi married and soon had Jude But their little family could not stay hidden Madoc her mother s ex husband belongs to the fae and according to their wild ways he was honor bound to murder their mother for abandoning his family and stealing away Vivi Operating by that same sense of honor he took in the now orphaned children to be raised as his own Father I am what you made me I ve become your daughter after all Jude and Taryn embrace this you made me I ve become your daughter after all Jude and Taryn embrace this and fearsome world finding their place among the crazed and the creative the beasts and the beauties the tragedies and terrors However as much as they try fairyland is no place for humans If you hurt me I wouldn t cry I would hurt you back As Taryn cringes in fear Jude stiffens her spine If they get tormented Jude taunts back And when Jude is pushed she attacks Cardan looks at me as though he s never seen me before He looks at me as though no one has ever spoken to him like this Maybe no one has Simply a stunning modern fairy tale a him like this Maybe no one has Simply a stunning modern fairy tale a Holly Black The beginning was a bit slow so if you aren t feeling it at the beginning eep going Once the setting and characters are established wow Seriously wow And that ending I literally cannot wait for book 2 Because you re like a story that hasn t happened yet Because I want to see what you will do I want to be part of the unfolding of the tale The 2018 ABC Reading Challenge CAudiobook CommentsRead by Caitlin Kelly and she absolutely rocked it An absolute pleasure to listen toYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads He looks like a faerie lover stepped out of a ballad the ind where no good comes to the girl who runs away with him If you guys ever want to see what my true heart s desires are on paper read this book This book is a piece of heaven that was sent from above this book is the perfection incarnate this b 384 pages ZERO SUBSTANCE Unless you call pages littered with problematic shit substanceI don t get it I just don t fucking get it Before This book is my 1st experience with Holly Black It ll either make or break our future relationship After Any plans for a potential future relationship is hereby terminated Over Done with Null and void Cancelled you get the point when you go into a book expecting gold and it ends up being your worst read of the year In JanuaryOh the rage I liked this a lot I completely get why so many people didn t enjoy this and there are plenty of things certain characters do that are inexcusable There were just so many other things about the book that I enjoyed The plot itself was a wild time One of the later chapters had me staring at a wall in a state of disbelief in re. This is a previously published cover edition of ISBN 9780316310277 An alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found hereOf course I want to be like them They’re beautiful as blades forged in some divine fire They will live foreverAnd Cardan is even beautiful than the rest I hate him than all the others I hate him so much that sometimes when I lo.

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Gards to what had happened The world was such an interesting one to explore I ve got to say on this but was such an interesting one to explore I ve got to say on this but mind is just asdfghjkl after reading it so that s all I ve got for now So where to begin Hype as we now it is uite futile The buzz it ignites is amazing They create this excitement within you that has your mind wandering to all of the possibilities and direction the book can go in Because of the hype I assumed I would enjoy this book I m uite an easy to please reader so usually when a book is hyped up I tend to enjoy it Or even if I don t I will feel indifferent But this book brought about a rage within me I hated it with every fibre of my being You may be thinking that because of the fact I succumbed to the hype it ruined the experience for me That was not the case at all I always go in weary but with a sense of optimism when it comes to hyped books As for the book well everything was wrong with it for me Other than the slight addictive uality it had which died for me after I passed the halfway point this book was weak in every sense of the word From the protagonist to the characters the plot and the world building There was no development or growth that brought those aspects to live not even the writing The story line started off uite tragic with Jude s parents being brutally მოგონებები შეფიცულთა რაზმზე killed off from the bat From that I was expecting someind of revenge story or emotionally harrowing character development because to witness that when you re young will obviously take a toll But no That wasn t explored Right off the bat our main goes on to enter off the bat our main character goes on to enter The Heart of Business kind tournament she has no experience in whatsoever There s nothing ingrained within her to take on this challenge no power she embodies intellectually or physically Whilst it took place all Iept thinking about was how flimsy the battle was neither did it feel complete Just rushed Thus this was the narrative the story carried on Our main character had no proper background that we as readers were exposed to in order for us to connect with no experience and neither had she trained to gain any of it throughout the course of the book Everything was just thrown characters and world at the reader and felt as if we were expected to go with the flow and further clarification was not given or explained Event after event took place with no sense of proper progression of the overall plot No aspect to it whatsoever felt substantial or concrete I got angrier as I read on and when it got to the last 50 odd pages I refused to carry on because I couldn t bring myself to care one bit It wasn t that it was even mediocre the whole book felt pointless to me INITIAL REACTION REVIEWWell I m pretty sure my soul just died No it is deadI haven t hated a book this much since Caraval and I don t tend to hate books that often I m indifferent most of the time and I do enjoy a lot of the ones I read But this god I have no wordsReview to come when I can feel againUgh I reuire book 2 immediately Holly is the Faerie ueen WHAT IS THIS BEAUTY Someone please revive me because I am dead from the awesomeness of this bookIf you want to read a masterpiece of character and story look no further The Cruel Prince showcases Holly Black at the top of her game it is exuisitely dark and delightfully wicked set in an intricate world of highlighted sensation the taste of faerie fruit the feel of rich decayin. Ok at him I can hardly breatheJude was seven when her parents were murdered and she and her two sisters were stolen away to live in the treacherous High Court of Faerie Ten years later Jude wants nothing than to belong there despite her mortality But many of the fey despise humans Especially Prince Cardan the youngest and wickedest son of the High KingTo. .
The Cruel Prince

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