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This is Faking It done right Loved it especially the happy ending I very much enjoyed reading this story and was able to o through this book uite uicklyThe two main characters Sarah and Katie able to o through this book uite uicklyThe two main characters Sarah and Katie chemistry together as best friends and even when together as a coupleI must agree with the other reviewers I did not like the reason for them starting a fake relationship together and I almost didn t continue to read because of that I m lad I stuck to reading relationship together and I almost didn t continue to read because of that I m A Collection of Previously Banned Victorian Erotica, DELUXE EDITION glad I stuck to reading book thoughReview also posted here this was so CUTE and i read it in a few hours to help meet out of my slump and you know what I LOVED IT AND I MISS IT Actual rating 45 starsIf you are after a cute fluffy ff story then this is for you There were a few aspects of this I didn t like mostly the lying about being The Obvious gay for attention but these were all addressed in the story and weren t shown as okay which I loved I ve heard of this as being called faking it done right and despite never having watched faking it I totally agree If you did watch it and feel cheated read this If you want a mostly feelood coming out story read this This was afreakingdorable It really is Faking It in a YA and was so happy making my toes literally curled while I was reading I wish I d otten a little from the plot that went beyond what I ve already seen on MTV but those little shoutouts to all the unhappy lesbian book endings especially after reading the dedication were totally my favorite my part 3 Katie and Sarah have been best friends since they were both in primary school they might as well be joined at the hip each complimenting the other in ways they now take for ranted This closeness lands them in hot water when they are mistaken for a lesbian co. Katie Hammontree and Sarah Cooper have been best friends since the 2nd Red Shines The Sun grade Katie's welcoming tight knit family is a convenient substitute for Sarah when her distant parents aren't around and Sarah's abrasiveoal oriented personality e. Dating Sarah Cooper

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Ults that s reasonably thoughtful in addressing certain important themes for people uestioning their sexuality It also has certain problematic elements which shouldn t stop anyone from reading the bookFour stars I heard this is MTV s Faking It done right This book is so cute and sapphic It made me cry a lot Let s blame it on the election Trope Best friends to lovers Life doesn t et Better Than That Teenage than that Teenage coming out Sweet moments but the angst parts affect in my opinion the real meaning of love I m referring specifically to one of the lead charactersview spoiler Sleeping with someone else not a nice character that you say you don t love any just because you think the A World Without Clothes girl you love doesn t reciprocate Iuess that s a reason why she s called so many names So the fact of her sleeping with someone else while she was supposedly in love with the other lead character is the reason why I just couldn t feel that real love from her until the end in her speech So kind of a contradiction between her feelings and actions Well I uess it has a lot to do with how you handle things personalities age and many other reasons But Still I Can still I can see a real justification or for that matter feel real love in this story perhaps only one sided since the other main character even though oing thru self discovery didn t do the same and basically went thru hell seeing the Pirate Gold girl she really loved hooking up with someone else This romance felt uite unbalanced and as a result unnerving hide spoiler 35 starsFake dating is the superior trope and this was an example of why Ninety nine lesbian problems but a pregnancy ain t one Nice Tons of teen angst and miscommunication with some very real feelings So c starste. Ity and confusing feelings How far will Saraho to keep up the charade and why does kissing her make Katie feel alive than kissing her ex boyfriend Austin ever did And how will their new circle of ay friends react when the truth comes Uple and dragged along unwittingly to the LGBT club Although initially puzzled by these turns of events Sarah decides to take advantage of the situation to et a hot bloke to notice her Katie protesting is pulled along with her As the story unfolds they both find the pressures of being openly out an unpleasant new experience and even worryingly for Katie reality and pretend seem to be blurring into each other How can she figure out what s oing on with herself fool the entire school and prevent Sarah from noticing the new weirdnessFirstly I would agree with other with herself fool the entire school and prevent Sarah from noticing the weirdnessFirstly I would agree with other reviewers they remark on this plot s similarity to Faking It the TV show on MTV Although the premise is initially off putting and strained once the plot starts flowing it is a surprisingly nuanced discussion regarding the perils of coming out and its effects on one s social circles One of the best of the subplots involves a entleman who ains courage from seeing his supposedly newly out acuaintances weather the storm The themes are worked through with a lot of lightness and humour I often found myself laughing openly at some of the duologueIt did lose a star for the incredibly forced nature of the set up Who pretends to be a lesbian to et a boy Did I miss forced nature of the set up Who pretends to be a lesbian to The Undead: Organ Harvesting, the Ice-Water Test, Beating Heart Cadavers--How Medicine Is Blurring the Line Between Life and Death - Kindle edition by Dick Teresi. Politics Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ get a boy Did I miss whole chapter in the art of seduction which suggests that s aood idea I don t know The other problem was the ending I am not oing to spoil anything except to say mostly in that section of the book I winced heavily and wished the premise had been pulled apart earlier Happily it has a relatively happy epilogue which puts it at the top of my list for young well adjusted teens needing some encouragement in a weird timeSo in summary this is a well written book for young ad. Ls well with Katie's laid back approach to lifeBut when a misunderstanding leads to the two of them being mistaken for a couple and Sarah uses the situation to her advantage Katie finds herself on a roller coaster ride of ambiguous sexual.