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Re going to be fucked up forever because of it Happy reading Honestly how much do two people have to go through in one book view spoilerSuicide bomber all your friends die followed by alienation Touring with an ex girlfriend and ex best friend followed by a breakup alienation and some unnecessarily long soul searching and crying not me Followed by a pregnancy Followed by a car crash Followed by illing one of the best characters Followed by alienation Followed by a miscarriage Followed by car crash Followed by illing one of the best characters Followed by alienation Followed by a miscarriage Followed by Followed by alienation Followed by a trip to the hospital Followed by rehab Followed by a WEDDING the fuck you guys hide spoiler 6 TOO FUCKIN RIGHT STARS My Baby Girl was the epitome of all that was beautiful in my life Kelli Jean has once again managed to steal my soul an I NEED MORE STARS IT S LIVESpoiler Free Review I will start off by saying when I finished the last page of this book I was overwhelmed with happiness but at the same time so sad Sad that this was the final book for Phil and Kenna This couple has come to mean so much to me this I enjoyed the series but a few things bugged me like the fact that he cared for Brigid I now he didn t love her but it still bugged mei couldn t get passed him sleeping around and having a relationship with with her for 7 months and our heroine waited around for six years untill finally having a short lived relationship with Brian I liked the heroine but wish she wasn t such a goody goody The Song Remains the Same is book 3 in the NOLA s OWN series and it s also my favorite This story picks up where No uarter left off and if you thought Phil and Kenna s struggle was over you were wrong There s still a whole rollercoaster of emotion waiting for you in this book I can t say enough about Kelli Jean s writing Her words suck you into this world and you find yourself feeling everything The highs the lows the excitement the love all of it I feel like I ve had my heart broken and healed and broken again throughout this series It s been amazing to experience the CRAZY BEAUTIFUL ALL ENCOMPASSING love between Kenna and Phil Their story is one I ll always remember One of my MOST FAVORITE things about these books is their authenticity This isn t a fantasy land where the girl meets the hot rocker and they fight over groupies before finally falling head over heels and riding off into the sunset No way This is so much than that This is a story with REAL heart and soul It s a realistic portrayal of an irrational love and it s AMAZING I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this series MY PHIL sigh Phil and Kenna have a big challenge ahead of them and unfortunately that s not the only thing to test their relationship They ve come so far they just need to hold on and be true to themselvesand each other And boydo they have challenges I thought they had already been through enough but that was nothing compared to what goes on in this book I have to give them creditthey are both handling things fairly well until what goes on in this book I have to give them creditthey are both handling things fairly well until last one and that s a humdinger What I like about KJ is that she s not afraid to go there It s also what I don t like and I like emotional angsty books The Problems Remains The Sameand that s that there is just too much going on Too many dramas too many heartbreaks and basically not enough happy times I was wrung outButit was worth it Like I ve said before this happy times I was wrung outButit was worth it Like I ve said before this s connection is the be all end allit s that good And it s not only them but their family and friends that add so much to the story And thank goodness for that amazing epilogue I m sooo happy with the way things ended and I loved what they did to Philperfect Now can we just get a story for Alys Lili Connor and Devon That would make me even happier Favorite uote You feel like heaven he whispered Like hom. Woman isn’t one worth living but the long road ahead is proving treacherous to their relationshipCan Phil and Kenna stay strong on the highway through hell Or will impending disaster destroy all they’ve created togethe. ,

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Ting to the fast forever they have been soul bound breathe and live in one another in complete harmony expanding the realm they existbut no great LOVE IS WITHOUT FINAL BOOK is without struggleThis final book no shortage of struggle From page one devotion is tested patience is pushed and lives are forever changed Tears will be shed as Nola s Junk takes on the world forcing Phil and Kenna battle the elements to survive Deadly explosions raging exes the wrath of Mother Nature the hard rock life stylenothing will be easy for this Mystic Love to overcome I have a deep love and respect for the young fiery Kenna She has always been a survivora healera greater being Her connection to Phil is like nothing ever experienced At such a young age she single handedly grounded and tamed the beast of a man She gives as good as she gets with both a young energy and old soul Her love and belief alone has always been enough until her very own soul shattersTragedy and heartbreak are forefront Now faced with great loss and overwhelming pain Phil will have to find a way through his own hell to heal the heart of Nola s very own I have no way of writing a review that could adeuately depict the amazing works Kelli Jean created From book 1 she captivated my attention Phil and Kenna are unlike any book couple I have ever experienced This is not the typical bad boygood girl romance It is so ethereal and deep Their words are lyrical prose and their connection of body while stunningly hot is complete intimacy perfection At the end of this bookthe close of the series I found myself uncharacteristically emotional It has been a long time since I got caught up in a story Perhaps it was the spiritual essence of Kenna and Phil s love or the belief that a love can exist deeper than the mind can now Kelli Jean belief that a love can exist deeper than the mind can now Kelli Jean not take the easy path to forever This author stayed true to her characters and never let their connection falter she pushed and bent the hell out of it but she never let the reader lose faith It was an absolute pleasure to experience Phil Kenna and all of Nola s Junk Just as books 1 and 2 wereUniueSexyEmotionalProfoundfor me THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME please note uotes used may differ from published work It s taken me almost a week to calm down enough to review this book because shit it fucked me upAs silly as this sounds I m an emotional empath I can t help but vividly feel the emotions and moods of people around me as if they re my own It s significantly worse with books because I can read the thoughts of characters So if a character is happy I m beyond happy As I was with the first two books I felt like I was genuinely in love over the moon giddy Then we got to this bookI guess Kelli Jean felt the need to make this a long trilogy but to start off this book was unnecessary I could have lived my whole life without this book I wish she had neatly tied up the last book and left it at that BUT she didn t so I was left withTHE MOST FUCKING DRAMA I VE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY WHOLE LIFE Wow I was so fucked up after reading this and I told the plot to my sister and she said the fuck were you reading General Hospital Who needs that much going on Yes my dear sister you are too fuckin right Who needs that much action Certainly not meThis book was an emotional fucking Sealed knock out fight No rollercoaster here because at some point a rollercoaster stops or evens out and also you have fun this book was just an ass whooping Huge event after huge event after huge event FUCK It was exhausting And not only was the action itself exhausting but the author was insistent on dragging the two characters through the mud of the worst emotions possible This books synopsis should be I took two perfectly happy characters and fucked up their whole lives and they. Ising career The other wherever the music takes herStill reeling from nearly losing his Baby Girl Phil holds Kenna at arm’s length as he desperately searches his soul for a way forward Henows that a future without his. And its another home run for Kelli Jean Again Kelli Jean hits it out of the park with the newest addition to NOLA s OwnThese books really affected me I finished this book in a matter of hours and ended up sitting in my reading chair at the end of it thinking What the hell am I going to do now For full review see my original post What a FABULOUS finish to the series Full review to come with my tour date of 106FULL REVIEW What do you see in me she asked Everythin I replied even though she couldn t hear me Lying down so that we were face to face I said I see strength and loveso much love Baby Girl A steady stream of it flowin out of you and cleansin the ones Who Are Lucky Enough To Step Foot are lucky enough to step foot it I see hurt and struggle acceptanceforgiveness Oh Baby Leaning forward I pressed my lips to hers drowning in her scent her taste I see my future our future I said my lips moving over hers And it s so f huge so amazing It s all love and love and love I admit I read this book directly after finishing No uarter Which I had read immediately after I read Over the Hills and Far Away Now with reviewing it only seems that fair to address the Series first and foremost I have to sayit was like nothing I ve experienced And yes I say experience because that s exactly what it felt like I didn t just read these books I lived them I laughed and cried with these people I felt their words their emotions their lives I can t remember how many times goosebumps covered my skin water leaked from my eyes or heat stirred low in my bellyKelli Jean does a fabulous job of seamlessly weaving one story into the next Her words are polished and precise in each book which I greatly appreciate to play off her characters strengths I felt a part of this misfit family she brought together under various circumstances like they were my family my friends I felt like I experienced every trial every triumph every single meditated second And I loved it As two halves of one soul must do With his free hand he turned my face toward his His lips were against my own his breath filling me We ll come full circle you and me So I can t give you a detailed review about just The Song Remains the Same because in my mind all three books blend so well that I couldn t pinpoint eventsall I now is that each conflict presented throughout the series flows it breaks you and puts you back together again it makes you see a connection between a man a woman so strong wait not just Kenna and Phil again it makes you see a connection between a man a woman so strong wait not just Kenna and Phil each couple Each family member each friend There is a connection One that will straight up flip you out if you aren t careful It s on a whole different planeand it s magical The whole story is magical and one that will forever live in my heartFor the Love of NOLA Stars What do you see in me Everythin WOW what a ride This book was phenomenal From the first sentence to the last I was enraptured by these mesmerizing characters The Song Remains the Same is my favorite book out of the NOLA s Own series and I absolutely loved them all so that is saying a lot I m sad for Phil and Kenna s story to be over they have come to mean so much to me I feel like I ve lived a whole lifetime with them and their journey has been crazy beautiful My other half I whispered against her mouth My whole life she replied This author has a way with words that just makes your soul sing I love soaking up her lyrical prowess I m not sure that I have ever highlighted books as much as I have with this series Just one uote from this story and I will be filled with immense emotion and covered in chills 5 Nola s Own StarsWe ll come full circle she and Ionce to begin anew Kelli Jean has taken the love story of Phil Deveraux and Kenna MacGregor on the most epic journey beyond the norm From the initial mee. Alternate Cover Edition B01662BPNBravery in the face of tragedyBruised and beaten in body and soul Kenna rises from the ashes of her old life to decide which path she must now tread One direction leads her back to her prom. .
The Song Remains the Same NOLAs Own #3

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