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Rescuing Mary Delta Force Heroes #9They saved the best for last Though I love each and every team member and their women I ve been dying for this story I m sad it s come to an end but I m so glad to see the howwherewherewhy f Mary and Truck s togetherness This story has it all Fun serious and tearful moments surrounded by a helluva lot awesomeness in between Truck has been Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies onef my favorites from the beginning He s the big scary looking Delta but that s why they say don t judge a book by its cover He may look hard Natural Stone in the Built Environment on theutside and he is Internet Marketing for Smart People or can be but he s just as muchf a teddy bear to the right people Tragic events happen in life it s never easy and god knows Mary has been through something every woman and a lot Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) of men fear cancer It sucks the will to stay strong rightut Tales From Underwood of you Going through it a second time well that s just kicking a sick person in the guy while they re down Throughut it all Mary had Truck to hep her get through it So when Truck needs her to return the favor she does Times get hard relationships are put to the ultimate test but in the end Mary and Truck can After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, overcome anything as long as they do it together I also love how Susan added each couple into the Epilogue as she did with the seal team books its always great to see how everyone ends up after a series ends Thank you for allowing me to get this early at Naughty Nashville this book was everything I could imagine and so much I loved this book and it was worth the wait This is the book we have been waitingn the whole life Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning of the series I really wanted things to workut between Mary and Truck and for Mary and Rayne I liked that both f these issues were dealt with right away and how they were resolved pretty uick The friendship between Mary and Rayne seemed to be the nly constant good relationship Mary had ever had When the two f them finally talked about what ripped them about I had tears running down my face I think it helped Rayne put things in the past due to the the drama they were involved in As Mary said karma is a bitch Just when Mary was going to let Truck know she was going to go all in with their marriage fate stepped in and pulled the rug ut from under her I think this was a good thing it showed Mary what was out from under her I think this was a good thing it showed Mary what was to her and made her fight for Truck The slow way that they had to
talk about things 
about things better than what happened to them before I really liked that by the end both were finally in the right frame Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing of mind for their HEAThe epilouge to thisne was great I loved how we got to check in with each couple to see how things were for them and finally for Mary and Rayne 25 years later This was a fair read but it was a bit difficult to like be. Ford “Truck” Laughlin and Mary Weston have weathered their share Authority Affiliate Marketing of stormsver the last couple years Truck’s job Mary’s health His bossiness her bitchiness All while dancing around their intense attraction Mary’s tried to push him away for his Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) own good but Truck won’t let her give upon herselfr n them Just when she decides they deserve a fair shot disaster strikes Truck. Cause I was never a fan f Mary s from book How to make Money with Porn onef this series I was hoping this book would change my mind about her but it did not I ve been looking forward to Trucks and Marys story for along time And it did not disappoint Rescuing Mary Delta Force Heroes Book 9by Susan Stoker5 StarsIf I could give this book than 5 stars I Would Susan Stoker Has Completed The DFH Series With would Susan Stoker has completed the DFH Series with BANG There is so much I want to say about this book If you are like most f the SS fan club this has been a MUCH ANTICIPATED release We ve been asking for years for this story and now it s finally here A friend f mine did a review The Wind on the Heath of another SS book and kindf likened it to a Target Run You go knowing you need Get Up and Do It! one thing yet end up leaving the store 100 poorer going WTHFor me Rescuing Mary was like my 21st birthday Christmas and my wedding day all rolled intone So excited for the day to arrive and when it did it was nothing but FEELS Susan Stoker is such an amazing writer and she proved this beyond a shadow Repeat Performance of a doubt with this book You get to go back and visit withld friends You get to meet new characters that you know will come to life in a new book and you get to finally read the tale about two beloved characters Know thistears are inevitable but the love joy and wonder from the book ffset themYes this is the final book to the series But I m not sad We all know
that somehow susan 
somehow Susan will keep these characters alive and intersperse them throughout ther series While highly anticipated Ms Stoker does a fabulous job keeping true to her writing style and fans and producing an epic story Yes it was a LONG LONG LONG wait but it was worth it Thank you Susan Stoker for this book ASH love you too Beautiful story from a beautiful writer Now I m going to dive back in I ve given this a B for narration and a B for content at AudioGalsOkay so I have to start this review with a confession The Baron Goes Fast (Baron, or two I picked up a review copyf Rescuing Mary without knowing very much about it I expected a book in a series called Delta Force Heroes to be romantic suspense was I really dumb for thinking that rather than contemporary romance featuring guys who just happened to be special forces buddies I also missed the bit in the blurb that said that while all the earlier books eight The Organic City of them worked as standalones thisne would work better if Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary one was familiar with thether books and had perhaps readlistened to book Affiliate Marketing Business one Rescuing Rayne as the central relationship in this instalment began there SoopsRescuing Mary Giving the Body Its Due opens with a prologue that affords listeners a few short snapshotsf Mary Weston s life through the years Aged just five her mother is already ranti. Has wanted Mary since the moment he saw her The prickly woman pushes all his buttons and looks beyond his scarred exterior something few women have managed His plan to take their relationship to the next level is stalled when he’s injured Hilla Rebay on a mission And he’s barely feeling like hisld self again before the couple is dealt another blow ne that could permanently end their chance.


Ng at her about how Men Are All Bastards And are all bastards and to be trusted but that it s kay to use them to get what she wants Never believe a man when he says he loves you her mother tells Mary aged nine and never Designing for Magazines open your legs forne because he ll be The Wild Side off like a shot after he s done As she getslder Mary does wonder at her mother s intense dislike for men considering she has a new uncle every few weeksYou can read the rest f this review at audiogals get it of this review at AudioGals Get it US UKI m not going to lie this book did not do these characters justice in my pinion After seeing Truck and Mary well really Tombland only little hintsf them in all His Plaything of the previous books I was hoping that they would get some grand romance in theirwn book But that just didn t happen for me I felt like there was a lot not said Cuckolded! Taken By My Husbands Bully or shown about them and by the end I felt like I still neededf them to fully feel their romance I honestly would have loved to get their story much earlier in the series because waiting so long while getting glimpses Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors of Truck and Mary throughther characters POV s built them up so much Captain Tsubasa - Tome 29: La renaissance du duo en or ! only for theirwn story to fall flat There was just so much going Dream Fossil on with them in thether books but After We Collided (After, of course we didn t get to see that and then this book where it was all about them had lessf them together and it was a disappointment The Web Marketing For Dummies only problem with this book is that it ended At last Truck and Mary got together and everything was explained so we know why everything was so hard and complicated for the twof them The explanations were hard even for us to read They had each had a hard life But each found in the The Undesirables other the answer to their problem Why they were so good for eachther is answered by the Online Marketing. other s loveAs I said at the beginning This book ends this series with this bunchf friends and I will miss them They have been good friends for a good while When I finished this book I felt like I d taken a really long journey that has come to an end and now I don t know how to cope with life This couple has waited a long time for their HEA and I cried when it happened Sure I wanted to plant a boot up Mary s ass a couple f times but it s been that way with this character for me for a long time I m so glad to finally get a peak a real peak inside her headAnd Ford Truck LaughlinI think I love you You make love specialThe most happy cry inducing heart wrenching part f this entire book rested in the epilogue for me What a magnificient grand finale for a remarkable memorable series If Neko one could be gutted in a happy way I was I love these characters and I don t want them to growld I don t want their children especially Annie to grow upI was blown away. Sand their livesRescuing Mary is the 9th book in the Delta Force Heroes Series Usually my books are stand alones but in this case I feel you would get enjoyment Malice (Conspiracy 365, outf the story if you read the Lily (The Mauve Legacy, other books first since Mary and Truck’s relationship evolves throughout the series If nothing else I recommend reading the first book in the series Rescuing Rayne where their relationship beg.