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This gorgeous book is one that you don *WANT TO HASTEN THROUGH BUT RATHER SAVOR THERE IS *to hasten through but rather savor There is of training around the basic Art Concepts Perspective Breaking concepts perspective breaking down to their constituent shapes values edges as well as examples of different types of journals from travel to trees to dogscats A very pretty book but of a ook at all my pretty examples than a how to book Not much time spent on setting up a kit and the actual Granvilles New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit logistics behind this type of practice Begins with some useful basic tips for getting started but the real pleasure of this book is seeing the author s many and varied types of journals and samples of her sketches in each The author is from the Pacific Northwest so many of the nature sketches are of things one regularly sees in this region it s helpful to have examples of so. Keep a sketchbook journal and explore your world preserve your thoughts and celebrateifeMore than a diary of written words a sketchbook journal allows you to indulge your imagination and exercise your artistic creativity It is a personal private place where you have unlimited freedom to express yourself experiment discover dream and document your wo. How to Keep a Sketchbook JournalOncentrate too hard on the writing and it detracted from the sketches Very Inspirational I Want inspirational I want go out right now and draw and sketch and create a journal of travel memories favorite memories fairy with real flowers and do watercolor and a journal of travel memories favorite memories fairy with real flowers and do watercolor and and ink and draw draw drawvery inspired to create Such an inspirational book It is an excellent step by step guide on how to create an illustrated journal and the illustrations are included are nu Wonderfully inspiring I skimmed this Artificial Evolution (Big Sigma, lovely book by my new favorite Claudia Nice and oohed and aahed over her illustrations Theayout is great too covering as it does many basic techniues needed for a full and satisfying journaling experience but the charming handwritten font makes it unpleasant to read Might come back to it for reference purposes at a ater tim. Es inks and watercolors to capture your thoughts and impressionsExactly what goes in your journal is up to you Sketch uickly to capture a thought or image before it vanishes Draw or paint with care to render an idea or vision as realistically as possible Write about what you #see The choice is yours and the memories you'll preserve will ast a ifetime. #The choice is yours and the memories you'll preserve will ast a ifetime. .

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Me ways to sketch them I didn t think there was much on the specific topic of keeping a sketch journal besides defining what the different types were and showing examples from her own journals The color studies and how to sections you can find in dozens of other artbooks Great bookBeautiful book ots of information I would recommend it to all artists wishing to start journaling and to anyone who oves the natural world The examples and explanations of the different types of sketchbooks were done well Many of the sketches John, Paul Me-Before the Beatles lookedike something that I could attempt and be happy with my results However the print of the book was extremely distracting most of it was done in an almost cursive ike scrawl I am sure that the intent was to make it ook ike her personal sketchbook but it made me have to Rld The possibilities are endlessIn How to Keep A SKETCHBOOK JOURNAL CLAUDIA NICE SHOWS YOU SAMPLES FROM Sketchbook Journal Claudia Nice shows you samples from own journals and provides you with advice and encouragement for keeping your own She reviews types of journals from theme and garden journals to travel journals and fantasy sketchbooks as well as the basic techniues for using pencils pens brush. ,