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Dead ReckoningK reflecting on how the bond has offered her protection and had it reinforced when Eric had to visit his Regent Victor Nevermind that Eric came protection and had it reinforced when Eric had to visit his Regent Victor Nevermind that Eric came the bar both times she was in danger ready to save her Nevermind that she hasn t said word one of her desire to be free to Eric or ven to herself Poof like that she does it Completely thoughtless selfish and heartless hide spoiler Dear Sookie You know you are one of my oldest friends right I love our yearly visits at your old Stackhouse family friends right I love our yearly visits at your old Stackhouse family sitting on the porch soaking up the sun and drinking iced tea It s great to live vicariously through you and hear about the most powerful and sexy supernatural beasts falling over themselves to flirt with and please you And Eric Mmmm Anytime you want to tell me all of his dirty little secrets and very sexy thing about him that is okay with me But here s the thing Sookie You tend to ramble A lot Don t get offended I love hearing you talk and visiting Bon Temps with you But our time is limited And as much as I love hearing all those Mundane Details Of Your details of your I really wish our time together could be used wisely Your life is so xciting and so many fascinating things happen to and around you I d much rather hear about your supernatural activities than the particulars that went into preparing for Tara s baby showers The next time we meet it would be awesome if you stuck to the important facts Don t get me wrong I love hearing you talk about brushing your hair and cleaning the kitchen But if you can t bring yourself to The Writers Handbook 1999 edit those little fine points in favor of the bigger ones perhaps you could convince Charlaine Harris to allow us pages to visit Even so I didnjoy our time together and am looking forward to seeing you again next spring Hopefully you and Eric will get alone time and you can tell me Rock Hounding out of Bishop everything Your friend Megan PS I loved Bubba s concert Anytime you can get that guy to make an appearance andspecially sing be sure to tell me allll about it Oh My GodI have never been so disappointed and conseuently angry by a book as I am right now and it is actually hard for me to type My brain is The Long-Legged Fly exploding right now This is going to be a rant This is going to contain cusses This is also going to call out Tru Blood People are going toither like this or not First Tru Blood has killed this series cue outrage from fans of the HBO show For the record this is not about those that like the show I don t but it s not about the fans It s about Harris complacency and riding on the success of the show which she absolutely should she s one of my favorite authors and is definitely ntitled to it without giving thought to the booksHarris is no longer writing for a book medium to me she is writing something that may look good on the screen and damn the conseuences I want to know about what is going on Sookie s head and not the same repetitive shit has been written in the past three books nor do. R lover Eric Northman and his child Pam are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master Gradually Sookie is drawn into the plot which is much complicated than she knows. There are some minor spoilers below allusions to character s feelingsthoughtsactions that could give some plot points awaySookie s working her shift in Merlotte s when the bar is firebombed and it doesn t look like the bomber was human To make matters worse an old nemy is out for her blood and the tension between her vampire loverhusband Eric and his progeny Pam with their boss Victor is building The peaceful life Sookie is wishing for seems a distant dreamA new Sookie book is like visiting with old friends There are so many folks I love in Sookie s world and it is real treat catching up with them but it s like a visit with the old gang in ways than one it is great catching up with them all but there s so much going on in their lives you feel like you didn t spend as much time with them as you would have likedA few old favourites make significant appearances here Bubba Mr Cataliades Amelia Bob Hunter and Alcide show up Alcide in a funny and very compromising way and it makes me think we might not see Alcide again in a hurry Bill plays a larger role in Dead Reckoning than he has in a while and I found myself genuinely liking him not just feeling sorry for him for the first time in uite a few booksEric is obviously in a starring role and as much as I was rooting for a relationship between the two of them you begin to see some problems here Sookie s starting to genuinely consider the real costs of a relationship with him both him as an individual and him as a vampire What s going to happen when she gets older How can they have a relationship if Eric won t talk to her not just about his business and problems but about serious issues that have huge conseuences for her This couple has serious communication problems She s also really beginning to The Service examine how much violence she can cope with and wants in her life While Sook struggles with the thought of killing someoneven if that someone is trying to kill her Eric will snap their neck without a moment s thought or a pinch remorse While Sookie understands Eric s character motivations and actions she needs someone who will understand her remorse and horror and comfort her ven if she knows she s not being rational Eric will never be that person Sookie also takes a very drastic measure to test her real feels for Eric in this book and the outcome could destroy a good friendship as well as putting her in danger And Eric s outcome could destroy a good friendship as well as putting her in danger And Eric s hiding a big secretSookie has xperienced personal growth over the course of the series than any character in any other series I can think of She s a lot mature and there s an Aha moment where she decides she s going to have to prioritise her crises in order to cope like she feels she s not so much living as rushing from one life threatening situation to another She s far cautious in many areas of her life but largely in who she chooses to trust She s beginning to xamine what she really wants from life and An Alternate Cover for this ASIN can be found hereWith her knack for being in trouble's way Sookie witnesses the firebombing of Merlotte's the bar where she works Since Sam Merl. Thought it seemed like she was starting to think of herself as leading two separate ones her normal human life in Bon Temp as two separate ones her normal human life in Bon Temp as barmaid a sister and a friend throwing her best friend s baby shower and another where she s the wife of a powerful vampire a pawn in political power games and in constant danger from vampires weres faeries and God knows what lse And than anything Sookie just craves peace A uiet happy life with the people she loves At one point she tells Eric she wishes he was a normal vampire boring and without the political strugglesDead Reckoning Cable Deadpool Vol. 1: If Looks Could Kill ends on an ambiguous note and perhaps creates uestions than answers for the series While we learn a lot about Sookie s gran and her family history some threads in the story I thought had been neatly tied up are unravelled again notably an unexpected twist to do with Bill What is Sookie going to do with her Grandfather s gift How will this bookffect her relationship with Pam What about Eric The ueen of Oklahoma What the HELL is Claude really up to It definitely seems as though verything is coming together for a big finale in 2 books timeThe world of the Southern Vampire Mysteries is rich and vibrant and SO real and Charlaine Harris has created an intricate web with almost infinite possibilites I cannot wait to see how see where she takes it next Formula for Sookie books nostalgia for her grandmother and a way of life that s been over for about ten years now disappointment when nostalgia does not match up with real life nail polish a sexy dress that shows off her cleavage attraction to than one man self recrimination about attraction to than one man instant orgasmic sex judging others for not being Christianbeing violentbeing sexually deviant self recrimination about being too judgemental failing to be a good hostess in a situation that doesn t reuire hostessing self recrimination about lack of hostess skills hanging out with fairies who are generally acknowledged to be amoral self recrimination for judging fairies and having her illusions shattered hanging out with weres and vampires who are generally acknowledged to have societal structures built on maintenance of power by violent

self recrimination about hanging out weres and vampires and seeing violent things screaming when surprised by violent things followed by crying when violent things are over impulsive poorly xecuted attempts to stand up for herself self recrimination about said attemptsHarris unfortunately doesn t vary the formula in Dead Reckoning reminding me why I burned out on Sookie she has almost completely failed to develop continuing to act like a naif surprised and unaware of the supernatural world she has been immersed in for yearsTake for instance when Amelia and Bob visit and Amelia says she has view spoilerfound out how to break the blood bond between her and the vampire Eric Nevermind that Sookie spent the first part of the boo. Otte is now known to be two natured suspicion falls immediately on the anti shifters in the area Sookie suspects otherwise but her attention is divided when she realizes that he.

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