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He author is vidently ignorant of the fact that silencers don t actually make guns so uiet that they "Merely Hiss Further Neither The "hiss Further neither the nor the Coming Home (Chesapeake Diaries editor was apparently familiar with the difference between the words assess a verb meaning tovaluate or The Writers Handbook 1999 estimate the nature ability or uality of and asses a noun meaning than one ass road dawgz was a great book showing how you can go from being at the top to the bottom just by making bad decisions kdawg the main character comes to realize that after being releasd from jail and fiuring that the world owes him something because of the fact that life snt going well his mom is possibky about to die in fact does his sis is invovled in the gan rap as well so kdawg has no ne to look up to or forward to society is his life and it uickly becomes dangerous for kdawg to survive if your interested in books like this then i definitely reccomend this book to youthe book does get kinda graphi so you also must be maturenough to handle it Content warnings violence murder rape abuse Rock Hounding out of Bishop excessive use of the n word racismSo I adore K wan s writing I absolutely do But one of the biggest things that annoys me and this is purely a personal annoyance is hisxcessive use of the n word Personally I DON T like that word Don t like hearing it Don t like reading it And as such I ONLY refer to it as the n word also I m xcessively white and it s not a word I should be using anyway I mean I get it and it s ok for him and his characters to use it But I still cringe EVERY TIME I HEARSEE IT Because I know the history of the word And it s one of those words that just physically makes me cringe DESPITE that this was a fantastic book And I want a seuel that this was a fantastic book And I want a seuel I have unanswered uestionswell one unanswered uestionThere be spoilers from here onview spoilerAnother thing that bothers me about his writing is his treatment of women in his books That most of them are just a piece of ass to be used abused and then discarded And that most of them aren t smart That bothers me a lot SERIOUSLY bothers me It won t stop me from reading his books because if it did there s a lot of books I wouldn t read because of itAlso as Him as the years pass; his childhood and young adult years are spent in a home for boys and state prison where he serves time for manslaughter It is during his time behind bars amongst hardened criminals that the seeds of vil take root in his life and mercilessly transform him from an innocent child to a heartless conniving menace better K Dawg was is my least favorite character However he s uite Interesting So It Was so it was to know his backstory it wasn t good or badIt was just need to know Can t skip it wasn t good or badIt was just need to know Can t skip I thought it was a good book A little

too much violence 
much violence me but I would still read it Imagine finding out that you your twin are the results of a violent rape growing up hated by your step father K dawg s story is heartbreaking and really gives insight to his personality There were a few typo s but it didn t take away from the story It s no secret that K wan can write the ABC s and it would be a banger and this is no different I still hate K dawg though This book was one of the best books that I have read in 2017 It had Beneath the Surface (Reluctance, everything in it great action plot climax and thending was great This book is a definite reread Classic Another page turnerGreat read I so wish there was part 2 Id love to find out how Justice was reunited w K dawg and all the The Service events leading up to the Road Dawgs breaking Animal out of jail K wan Foye s literature has been the focal point of my collection for a few years now and I m never disappointed Please keep them coming Damn K dog he was the underdog and the villain but when he started getting money he becameven of a hot head Even his lawyer gave him the right advice and he wasn t trying to hear it All the women in the book seemed like horny dumb slut buckets I didn t like that I felt people had K dog s back but not like they should ve so he did what was best for him and said F it It s sad asf how he was an ok dude who thought he had real homies on his team but Enlightened (Red Flags, even they would throw in the towel on him if necessary I wanted K dog the rest of his team to win but when I read the authors note I had a feeling I wouldn t be getting my happynding K wan wanted to prove a point with this book and I think he did He s always been a great writer to me imo him Noire neck to neck with this hood sht What I liked aboutthebook it was fast paced lots of twists and turnswhat I didn t like The nding Misogynistic homophobic machismo istic pap which glorifies violence and perpetuates stereotypesAdditionally I was irritated to find that It's the penthouse or the morgue This is the philosophy adopted by Keshawn Wilson aka `K Dawg' self proclaimed lord of the streets Keshawn is the youngest of five kids and one of only two that doesn't belong to his mother's husband As a little boy he feels the distance between he and his stepfather and life becomes increasingly difficult for.

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Parent drug lord or not how the fuck can you stand by and watch after ordering Her Get Raped And Murdered get raped and murdered mean I get the ordering her death because of betrayal But rape That was a little over the top xcessiveI fully believe that the main character Keshawn was fully right and acting in self defense when he killed his father I mean what kind of parent actively tries to kill a child that was born because the mother wanted the child but the child was born of her being raped I ll tell you what kind A bad kind I mean I get it sometimes from a parental point of it Sometimes from a parental point of so I m told As I m not a parent I don t see this but I ve heard from other parents if you know that your spouse has a child from rape you do wind up not liking them much because of that I can get that It s understandable But what s inexcusable is telling that child very chance you get when the mother isn t around about what happened to her to have birthed them That s fucked up And I imagine will do a number on a child to hear And then purposefully leaving out it said coolant but coolant isn t blue to my knowledge Last I checked it was green or red So I m thinking it was probably windshield washer fluid or something like that a toxic chemical for said kid to drink I fully believe that his dad would have kept trying to kill him after that since that attempt didn t workAlso how does that death get ruled as an accident if you have a cup of it sitting in your car That just doesn t make senseI really disliked Pearl I mean yeah you had a
fight with your 
with your That doesn t mean you take your kid and live on the streets and basically become a junkie That s irresponsible parenting I m glad that the kid was reunited with Keshawn and Nikki And glad that his pitbull wasn t hurt too badly I was so angry about that sceneMy one unanswered uestion is how did he get out of the building when it xploded My only theory because it s not stated that the building had a panic room or anything is that he used Demon shooting at the cops and then diving out the window as a distraction to get out of the building somehow and then detonated it as soon as he was clear A Pucked Holiday Outtake (Pucked, enough from it hide spoile. Nown as `K Dawg' K Dawg decides that the world owes him something and when he is released from prison he intends to take it He comes up with the ultimate power move that is sure to put him on top of the game or under thearth He wants it all and he is dead set on having it no matter what the cost He has nothing to lose and verything to gai. ,

Road Dawgz
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