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Carrion Comfort

Dan Simmons á 6 Free download

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Of reversals sad deaths and improbable successesThen this novel is for youHonestly I never had any issues with anything in particular This was a pretty epic horror novel filled with tons of mind jumping mind and body controlling and history The focus on the details is what made it pretty damn awesome but that s what horror is all about If I were to put my issue into words I d still have a hard time because its faults were also its strengths It was unpredictable I can t say I liked most of the characters and it was really hard to actually enjoy #being in the minds of the baddies but Melanie was a real treat #in the minds of the baddies but Melanie was a real treat than anyone was complex and multifaceted and sits in my mind as back when I first read this when it was new as the uintessential portrait of a nazi huntervampire hunter Hell I ve been judging all other novels with the trope by this gold standard ever sinceI m "glad I re read this but my god it was long There was so much by my older and "I re read this but my god it was long There was so much by my older and eyes that I think could have been cut right the hell out but it was a horror novel first and foremost and having a long build up before the missiles come and destroy the island or whatever is still what we seek in the style If you want a very long and interesting ride a near perfect diversion with lots of sex horror and a cast of baddies with zero moral fortitude and the undercurrent that they might get what s coming to them then I really recommend this novel Exhibit C in Authors Who Doodle In case you re interested here s exhibit A and exhibit B Carrion Comfort Dan Simmons second novel can be faulted for being overly long needlessly complex and in dire need of a talented editor Yet after I ve said all that it still remains one of the best horror novels of the second half of the 2oth century The author has created a tense tale of mind control and the extremes of human corruption and power While Simmons uses the term Mind Vampires for his monsters they are nothing like vampires and at least in my mind a hundred times horrifying The author s other strength in this 800 page novel is the development of strong protagonists and villains These are not comic book characters but fully fleshed personalities with strong believable motivations Simmons setting starts in Auschwitz during World War II yet mainly takes place in the early 80s Simmons sets a stage of believability by referencing a number of horrific eve Mind penetrating psi vampires haunt humankind in the same year Simmons ingenious sci fi fantas. Nd scope but intimately disturbing CARRION COMFORT spans the ages to rewrite history and tug at the very fabric of realit. Y milestone Hyperion was published and revolutionize the horror genre in the same way King said that Simmons writes like a God and that he is a bit envious and what could exceed this uote There is a handful of authors who unite the lucky combination of hard lifelong perfecting #their writing and talent and simmons is in #writing and talent and Simmons is in league I find just some are coming close to There may be authors just playing in one league that are as good or regarding the worldbuilding but not characterization better but nobody writes works of such uality in different genres Sci Fi is totally my thing and I could name very few names of the same greatness as Hyperion the same for horror and this one It s especially how it immediately blows one away how it never gets boring for just a second how it s complexity is never confusing the characters motivations logical everything slowly escalating to amazing plot points And most of his novels are bricks often with than just 2 or 3 perspectives time and plotlinesThere is often so less action few cliffhangers nothing one is used to in modern writing to pimp accelerate and distract from characterization plotting and logical flaws and errors Simmons is using pure characterization and a complex interwoven net of protagonists and antagonists to lead the long novel to a culmination of a complex interwoven net of protagonists and antagonists to lead the long novel to a culmination of proportion It s a shame that I am too lazy to investigate which classic elements and tales inspired Simmons in and to his works because his epic sci fi novels are both filled with innuendos and connotations to famous ancient works or interpretations of these Reader of the classics mythologies and history might find goldmines I am blind to see because of a lack of special nowledgeOne of the cases where I absolutely don t understand why people don t like it In other cases there are elements that make it completely understandable that one can t deal with too sciency too charactery too world buildy too whatever elements but this has everything it s the beginning of the career of one of the most talented and underrated writers of the 20th century So amazingly many pictures of this and Simmons other horror novel Summer of night that feels like a reinterpretation of Stephen Kings It stay in mind always a sure sign that the uality of the stuff is so high that it permanently blows ones mind away and leaves one wasted but very happy afterwardTropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres uniue. Y A nightmarish chronicle of predator and prey that will shatter your world view forever A true classic Guillermo del Tor. ,
This is a briskly paced supernatural thriller about mind control and controlling the world around us it is also about as one dimensional as they come despite the potential of the multi leveled subject matter and the breadth of the narrative from World War 2 Germany to present day Hollywood and dozens of locales in between the novel and several of the characters are obsessed with chess which makes for some intriguing action although it includes several wonderfully creepy set pieces overall this is far action oriented than horror this is Simmons second book which must be the explanation for #The Occasionally Stilted Writing #occasionally stilted writing the clear need of an editor the single first person strand amongst all the third person narratives is from one of the villainous mind vampires which allows for some enjoyably tricky twists of perspective during various loaded scenes and it certainly helps to create a devious and punchy ending besides being an intriguing tool for the narrative i think that this character is the novel s chief strength a very ironic portrait of a vicious racist murderous insanely self absorbed semi senile southern belle but one who also manages to be somewhat sympathetic and surprisingly funny particularly when detailing her prudish and judgmental view of modern society what a bitch but not just any bitch a mind controlling bitch who will get you and all of your loved ones if you stand in her way just imagine if prudish semi senile southern belles were in control of your mind and body shudder the things they just imagine if prudish semi senile southern belles were in control of your mind and body shudder the things they do So I m changing my final score on this novel from a solid 3 to a generous 4 stars because the book was JUST THAT UNPREDICTABLEThat s an odd thing to say *as a re read noThere s lots of places where the novel easily deserves a * a re read noThere s lots of places where the novel easily deserves a star just on reflection alone and since this came out nearly 30 years ago I m not going to fuss too much over spoilers Do You Like ChessThen this novel is for youDo you like mind vampires that look feel and act like Donald Trump Conservative Religious Nutsos Concentration Camp Masters or uiet unassuming matrons who take on entire inner city gangs Then this novel is for youDo you also like long and rambling adventures populated by normal folk caught up in the nightmare of marionettes either trying to escape the nightmare or get revenge for the things that had been done to them As in Full Blown Epic Length rambling and character development through action for almost 900 pages with a nearly uncountable number. CARRION COMFORT is one of the three greatest horror novels of the 20th century Simple as that Stephen KingEpic in scale