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He important piece of this puzzle seems solid and WELL RESEARCHED AND IMPORTANTLY IS VERY TIMELY IN THE researched and importantly is very timely in the of organ transplantation from dead donors This book s problems are worth moving beyond in the interest of learning from a great body of research on the historical and contemporary approaches to the problem of and contemporary approaches to the problem of death and the implications thereof for organ transplantation from dead donors Although the conversation will necessarily be uncomfortable for advocates of organ donation as I have always been it is ssential and could actually advance the cause to address the issues Mr Teresi raises if done honestly transparently and thoroughly Modern medicine has made it no A Day in the Budwig Diet easier to say with certaintyxactly when our conscious awareness has truly left the body Are you dead when you are no longer you or are you really and truly dead only when your body starts to putrefy Are there fates worse than death What if you are aware but can not move or respond so you are treated as though you are a vegetable What about your organs shouldn t they be harvested when they would be of use to someone lse obviously before your body starts to rot What if that brain dead individual is aware of the pain when organs are harvested should these patients be anesthetized before opening them up apparently the organs are healthier if no anesthesia is used to harvest themDick Teresi raises uestions than he answers but they are uestions that need to be raised and discussed As a Trauma RN I was already aware of the behind the scenes issues and protocols associated with organ donation This book gave me a better look at system wide issues including conflict of interest problems poor methodology and overall bad science that drives the billion dollar push for donation From xperience I know that families can be bullied harassed and shamed into making choices they may not want or agree with when tragedy strikes I am very aware from practice that the line between dead and alive can be crossed and re crossed in many ways

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the care and of the injured patient This book is an ye opener for the uninitiated and confirmation of doubts and suspicions for those who have traversed the mine field of organ donation Highly recommended read no matter where ones sympathies are. Ovides a brief history of how death has been determined from the times of the ancient Egyptians and the Incas through the twenty first century And he draws on the writings and theories of celebrated scientists doctors and researchersJacues Bnigne Winslow Sherwin Nuland Harvey Cushing and Lynn Margulis among othersto reveal how theories about dying and death have changed With The Undead Teresi makes us think twice about how the medical community decides when someone is dea. Our culture just refuses to take death seriously If you want to really know how to best care for family on the dge of death read this And until a better comprehensive definition of medical death is discussed AND how it relates to the current practices of organ transplant donors uh I m taking my name off the registry I have noticed that among the gentry not The Neil Simon Collection every Richard can be called Dick This is an unusual case in which Dick is the writer and Richard a mere resident of Amherst MA I was glad to see the book appear because I had wondered what new forms of hanky panky hadmerged in the world of organ donation The first clue that it was business as usual was when an Slate (Rebel Wayfarers MC, elderly Chinese man handed me a pamphlet on Fisherman s Wharf in San Francisco describing a thriving organ harvesting industry in the Peoples Republic of China Butvidence is asy to refute Some familiarity with human nature would lead one to posit that the demand for organs and the need to harvest them while the patient was still alive if heshe could be deemed brain dead might lead to what the author calls philosophical rather than medical determinations on just who is brain dead and who is not The spectrum of criteria for admission is likely broad Oh she can no longer wear a bikini and walk along the beach Oh he has forgotten how to integrate in the complex plane Finally I really liked the number of one and two stars the author drew from reviewers That means he has something unusual and original to say It was a bit disappointing I was hoping it would be mainly about Organ Harvesting and the whole process but it was not what I xpected at least the first half I lost interest half way through and never finished but I may pick it up again some time soon I will update my post if anything changes when I am done I was tempted to rate this book with five stars as others have done merely to counteract the work of reviewers who haven t read the text But I cannot in good conscience do so Instead I have rounded up from 35 to 4 stars There is much to recommend this book but I will not offer unadulterated praiseWhen deciding whether not to buy or Read Book Look At this book look at dates of the reviews noting that many of the one star reviews were posted the day the book was released I read well and fairly uickly. Important and provocative The Undead Do I Owe You Money? The Collected Memoirs of Ian Mosley examines whyven with the tools of advanced technology what we think of as life and death consciousness and nonconsciousness is not EL SUTIL ARTE DE QUE (CASI TODO) TE IMPORTE UNA MIERDA (HARPERCOLLINS) exactly clear and how this problem has been further complicated by the business of organ harvestingDick Teresi a science writer with a dark sense of humor manages to make this storyntertaining informative and accessible as he shows how death determination has become complicated than ver Teresi introduc. .

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But a careful reading of the text took time Many such reviews admit to being based on a Wall Street Journal Article Rather Than This article rather than this I think it reprehensible to review a book one has not read I find the impassioned hyperbole warning readers away from this book dangerous than the hyperbole occasionally mployed by the author though the latter bothered me occasionally as well Disallowing these things to be said
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not make them or irrelevant Do not think Hunter Moon (Grazi Kelly either that having received a donated liver makes a reviewer ualified to discuss the merits of this book without reading it But I digress this was not meant to be a review of reviews but it clearly is that too My point is that if the issues discussed in the book interest you at all and you do not think that discussing something unpleasant should not be allowed I recommend this bookAs I suggested Mr Teresi does tend toward hyperbole His refusal to dispense with the term harvesting in favor of the palatable terms such as organ procurement smacks of a desire render thentire process unpalatable He implies several times that a DNR order is sometimes tantamount to killing loved ones The Diary of Darcy J. Rhone (Darcy Rachel, eg pg 93 This narrow mindedness wasvident occasionally in the writing though Mr Teresi deserves much credit for looking at the issue of death and organ procurementtransplantation from many different angles In addition to being well researched the work is well cited so the research is documented and fairly 7 Navykov Vysokoeffektivnykh Lyudej easy to replicateI think that as a responsible thinker who sees the issues Mr Teresi raises as alarming and worth pursuing I must read as many of his sources as possible I realize that notveryone has the time or desire to do this but one should not declare well cited material to be lies and fabrications as some reviewers have without investigation I must say that I am distressed by reviewer SFitzpatric s accusation that Mr Teresi has altered his Lichtenstein email transcript to suit his purposes Such allegations should be carefully considered and investigatedThis book has some problems such as Mr Teresi s repeated insistance that he has no cause to sway reader s opinions but only to report facts This he mixes in with talk of killing grandma that will remind many bioethicists of the daughter from California But the information itself Es us to brain deathxperts hospice workers undertakers coma specialists and those who have recovered from coma organ transplant surgeons and organ procurers anesthesiologists who study pain in legally dead patients doctors who have saved living patients from organ harvests nurses who care for beating heart cadavers ICU doctors who feel subtly pressured to declare patients dead rather than save them and many others Much of what they have to say is shocking Teresi also pr. .
The Undead: Organ Harvesting, the Ice-Water Test, Beating Heart Cadavers--How Medicine Is Blurring the Line Between Life and Death

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